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Are you truly happy doing the job you do?

Here's a few extremely useful questions to ask yourself!

You probably spend a lot of your waking life at work (and maybe even some of your dreams are taken up by it too). Have you ever really stopped to think about why you do it and the impact it has on you and others?

Below are 20 questions that have been compiled over many years of experience working with leaders of all levels in business. They are frank, open and impactful questions (if you choose to answer them 100% honestly). They may open your mind to areas of your working life that need improving.

Get yourself a coffee/tea/beer/wine or what ever is your favourite drink, find a quiet and comfortable place where you feel relaxed. Turn off distractions and spend some quality time answering these questions.

Be honest!

  • What motivates you to come into work every day and do the job that you do? It is important to stress that the question is NOT a general ‘why do I go to work?’ (most people will say money) – It is ‘why do I do the job that I do?’ (A subtle but important difference).
  • Am I completely clear about what is expected of me at work? This is deeper than simply having a job role spec etc. Do you have discussions with your boss and peers about the job, what it entails right down to the subtle nuances?
  • Do I have the correct and most up to date equipment and tools I need to do my job?
  • When I am at work am I given the opportunity to do what I do best on a regular basis? (Does the team, including the boss, know what I am best at?)
  • Do I receive recognition or praise for good work? Or, do I simply get picked up for the things that don’t go so well or things that don’t get done and that are outside of my control?
  • Does my boss care about me as a person?
  • Does my boss encourage my development?
  • Do I really know the people I work with?
  • Do I have a best friend at work? This doesn’t have to be a soul mate – just someone that you feel you can talk to should you need a friendly shoulder to lean on.
  • At work, do my opinions seem to count? Am I listened to?
  • Does the mission/ambition and vision of the company I spend many hours of my life working for make me feel like what I do is important and worthwhile?
  • Are the rest of my team committed to doing good quality work?
  • Do I talk to my boss and colleagues regularly about how I feel?
  • What more could I do to make my relationships at work better?
  • Do I have opportunities at work to learn and grow?
  • Do my boss and the business generally concentrate more on numbers/tasks or behaviours/people?
  • Do I share best practice with my colleagues? Does the rest of the team do the same?
  • Does the team I am part of talk openly and honestly (even with difficult topics)?
  • Do I have belief in myself? Do I have belief in the team? Do I have belief in the business?
  • Am I truly happy doing what I do?

How did you get on?

Hopefully you will have found some areas that you can now focus on to make your work life what you want it to be. If your answers to the questions above don't sit well with you and things aren't quite right - the good news is that you can do something about it!

Remember that we all have a choice. We can change things that bother us, we can change our attitudes to the things that bother us, we can live with the things that bother us (usually with a sad face) or we can escape the things that bother us. It's your choice.


About the author

Dave Dayman

Dave Dayman

I'm passionate about leadership. I believe that thinking is not only the most powerful tool that we own but is also the one thing we have total control over. Sometimes we just need a little help to change the way we in which we choose to think!