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6 Characteristics of Charismatic leadership That Motivates Employees

As a leader, you should want to improve your employees' engagement at every turn and you must not be satisfied with anything other than high engagement and high-performance.

Adopting a charismatic leadership style can help leaders inspire the average employee to stretch their abilities. Charismatic leaders are not afraid to take risks. They use their personality and communication to gain admiration from their followers.

Does this sound like the type of leadership style you’d like to adopt?

Read on to discover our list of six prominent characteristics found within a charismatic leadership style and find out how they can motivate employees.

  • Confidence
  • Compassion
  • Communicative
  • Emotive
  • Determined
  • Communicative

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Characteristics of Charismatic Leadership


Charismatic leaders ooze confidence; there is no doubt about that. A charismatic leader will rarely express self-doubt while their powerful personalities draw people in, according to Entrepreneur.

Confidence in a leader helps establish trust. It will also add weight to what they say, attracting others to follow them and their actions. Feeling comfortable in their own skin, leaders create a workplace that feels more welcoming for employees and encourages open communication - one of the most important workplace motivators for employees is communication.

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A confident charismatic leader has the ability to step outside themselves and critique how they behave and interact with employees, leading to more positive situations and employees viewing them as authentic. However, if leaders aren't confident in their actions and decisions, would their followers be?


Compassion is a characteristic that embodies all leadership styles but can be strongly found within a charismatic leadership style. Charismatic leaders are compassionate, able to have an awareness of others, a mindset of wishing the best for others and the courage to take action.

According to Leadership Coach Lolly Daskal, a compassionate leader understands that “I” isn't especially useful as a conversation starter, and that when leaders stop focusing on their own egos they’re able to develop other leaders.

Leading with a compassionate approach can bring about a positive emotional state in employees. This allows them to focus on setting goals, striving to attain them and unleashing the power of their organisation.


The most elite charismatic leaders have extraordinary communication skills. According to Yscouts, communication helps charismatic leaders motivate employees through tough times and help them stay grounded when things are good.

Charismatic leaders are powerful communicators who can articulate a vision that is meaningful to their employees. They communicate their goals and directives through colourful, imaginative and expressive manners.

Communication inspires action and an emotional commitment to make a difference. In my blog - 10 Leadership Disciplines For Today's Digital Age - I talk about how inspiring action among employees is down to our ability to be able to communicate vision and strategy with meaning.

As a charismatic leader, you are purpose maximisers, we create a sense of real value, we help people believe they can make a difference.


Charismatic leaders can arouse and elicit intense feelings among employees and their wider followers who have an emotional response. As documented by Future of Working, a charismatic leadership style creates an emotional appeal.

These types of leaders motivate employees by creating strong loyalties through emotional connections and feeling inspired by the chance to reach their own dreams.

A charismatic leader motives people by going beyond goal setting and performance issues to get to the heart of their employees.


According to Success, charismatic leaders and enthusiastic and excited about what they do. They set clear goals and become determined and purposeful to achieve the results that they were hired to accomplish.

Just like themselves, a charismatic leader will motivate their employees to get things done and achieve the same results they strive for. They’re determined to conjure up eagerness in others to achieve a goal or vision; with extraordinary results.

At Successfactory, we’re determined to awaken the possibility in leaders and teams to deliver extraordinary results whilst operating with boldness, simplicity and speed. Find out how we can help you realise your true commercial success. Get in touch here.”


In my blog - Top 10 Tips For Extraordinary Leadership in today’s World - I speak about unleashing innovation, focus and awaken possibility. These traits of an extraordinary leader can be applied to a charismatic leadership style who often try to make the status quo better, transforming organisations into their vision.

You will find that the personal vision of a charismatic leader has a great deal of influence over their audience. Charismatic leaders value their vision and are focused on the future and how they can improve it. Everything they do revolves around making their vision a reality, according to Entrepreneur.

Charismatic leadership can be summed up as a leadership style that is focused on creating a vision and captivating people emotionally with the message.

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