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Discover 5 Simple Leadership Activities For Team Success

As leaders our job is to create a high performance environment where success is inevitable.

We need to be focussed on the employee experience.

The challenge we all face is 'too much noise!' By 'noise' I mean all the stuff that gets in the way of us doing what we should be doing.

Activities like attending meetings that add no value, writing reports that aren't really needed, delivering ineffective processes and procedures, activities adding no value, the wrong projects, useless email reading and responding... I could go on but I'm sure you get the point.

When developing leaders I like to take the complex and break it down to make sure it is really simple. If it's simple it gets done, in my view.

Here are five simple activities you can do to ensure you create a motivating environment and a positive employee experience.

Activity 1 - Ensure clarity

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We need to ensure absolute clarity in the why, what and how for your team members. We need to inspire action and to do that we need to communicate with meaning and join the dots. What is our purpose, our goals and our values are key to enabling people to become motivated. We need to understand the difference we are making and when things get tough it becomes our guide through the ambiguity.

For me personally it is all about awakening possibility in leaders and teams to deliver extraordinary results whilst living a wonderful life. That is all I need to guide me and keep me motivated and striving for success. I have a set of guiding principles to help drive my behaviour and decision making - for me they are boldness, simplicity and speed; and I have a set of clear goals that are aligned to living a wonderful life.

It is this absolute focus that inspires me.

Leadership question for you...

What activities have you done recently with you and your team to join the dots and ensure focus and clarity?

Activity 2 - Make sure learning is taking place

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Often in business we operate with the throttle full on at all times. We need to create a rhythm in business of knowing when to open the throttle to full AND knowing when to close it down and slow down. I often talk about speeding up by slowing down as a key skill in our fast paced world.

We need to create space for real learning to take place. We need to be experts at facilitating learning, reviewing and previewing, creating a learning culture, implementing action learning and ensuring learning is acted on. When people are learning and growing they are more likely to be motivated and deliver astonishing results. Dan Pink talks about it in his book Drive and calls it mastery.

I like to take it a step further and challenge leaders to develop their teams confidence.

Leadership question for you...

What have you done recently to ensure your team is learning, growing and their confidence is improving?

Activity 3 - Make sure people have the opportunity to perform

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I like positive psychology as long as it isn't taken too far and seen as a panacea for all success. I've found that using too much of a strength can become a weakness.

We need to create a balance of identifying strengths and weaknesses and then taking action to ensure we develop. Sometimes strengths can be identified from what you did in the past.

We need to ensure we identify and use strengths we need to be successful going forward into our new world. A world where the rules have changed. A world where perceived weaknesses could be strengths!

As leaders we need to ensure we give people space to perform and be at their best. This is where having a variety of leadership styles is important. Knowing how to get the best from people is key. Being emotionally intelligent in how you interact with people is a key skill to develop.

I see too many organisations creating a culture where really great strategic and commercial leaders become auditors rather than developing the business. We need to create the culture where people really do play to position and contribute in a way that utilised their strengths and abilities.

Leadership question for you...

Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of your team and have a team development plan in place?

Activity 4 - Make sure people feel cared for and valued

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A sincere compliment is one of the best and most motivational tools we have as leaders. We often underestimate the power we have as leaders and the importance of a thank you.

Recognition for a job well done is crucial.

We should always lead with kindness, compassion, and equity.

It is our job to generate hope and faith in a co-creating way. We must create protected space founded upon mutual respect and caring for people to thrive. A culture which embodies an environment of caring-helping-trusting for self and others.

Leadership question for you...

What have you done recently of ensure your team feel valued and cared for?

Activity 5 - Make sure you support your teams

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I often explore what a high performance culture looks like with leaders. Above is an image to remind us that high performance requires high support!

Leadership question for you...

What have you done recently to ensure your team feel supported?

Bringing it all together

When you start using the five activities in a regular and consistent way of leading you will see a positive change in the climate of your team... and performance will improve!

Every success,


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Graham Wilson

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