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Effective Leadership Techniques To Amplify Your Team's Success

Extraordinary leaders inspire others to be great.


They help teams grow and reach higher levels of performance than first thought possible.


However, leading a team is far from easy. You are responsible for managing expectations, egos, and ensuring that the team stay on task, as well as managing yourself.


Thankfully, today’s leaders are equipped with the most sought after leadership techniques. 


Read on to learn about how extraordinary leaders use effective leadership techniques to amplify their team’s success.

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What is Effective Leadership?

Effective leadership determines how successful an organisation and their teams are. It requires leaders to call upon their leadership styles and techniques to drive a company’s growth, development and innovation.


Leaders of all levels are expected to be able to step up in a range of circumstances. No successful organisation would be where it is today without effective leaders.


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How To Inspire Your Team As A Leader


  1. Leading by example
  2. Praise employee’s to motivate others
  3. Communicate objectives and goals early on to ensure success
  4. Identify and address employee dissatisfaction
  5. Let others speak first
  6. Ask Employees

Leading by example

It’s no secret in the workplace, your team are watching your every move. Extraordinary leaders only succeed when they show others how to extend and push for greatness. When a leader’s actions align with what they say, they become people that inspire others to want to follow them.


Here are a few ways you can lead by example:


  • Take responsibility. Exemplary leaders accept personal responsibility for their companies failures.
  • Support your team. Leaders have many responsibilities, but it is important to work alongside your team.
  • Listen to your team. Listen and get feedback from your team regularly. This is a great way to build trust.
  • Recognise your employees. Team recognition is a decisive factor in productivity. Practice incentives for great results.
  • Be genuine. Even if this means lowering your guard, revealing your vulnerabilities can gain respect from those around you.

Praise employee’s to motivate others

The most effective leaders understand the importance of praising others for their good work. It’s fundamental to ensure that employees feel appreciated in the workplace. When employees and their work are valued, productivity rises and people feel motivated to improve their work.


Recognition comes in many forms and is vital for creating an environment where employees remain engaged. This effective leadership technique helps leaders to recognise a team’s effort or a person’s behaviour who has gone beyond expectations.


Always remember to notice the unsung heroes of the workplace!

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Communicate objectives and goals early on to ensure success

Success comes and goes, that is a given. However, extraordinary leaders know that communicating objectives and goals early on ensure their teams are set up for long-term success.


Effective leaders have a clear understanding of the goals and objectives at hand. By communicating the objectives and goals early on, their teams can identify strategies and determine ways to achieve success while eliminating pathways for failure. Furthermore, communication helps align teams to a common goal while working together.


It’s common for leaders to find themselves faced with the challenge of dealing with an unhappy employee. Depending on how the leader deals with the situation, this effective leadership technique can turn an unhappy performer into a star employee.

Identify and address employee dissatisfaction

Extraordinary leader’s don’t wait to address situations. They identify and confront the dissatisfaction before things turn sour. They understand that privacy is essential and finding the solution to an employee’s unhappiness can take time.


Most importantly, leaders offer assistance to their employees. This helps boost their work satisfaction and builds their loyalty back up with the organisation.


Too often, leaders offer their ideas first. This discourages people to grow confident, especially the quieter, more reserved people within a team.

Let others speak first

Exceptional leaders never speak first. They’re not compelled to talk the most in a meeting or lead with their ideas. Instead, they take a back seat and hear what each individual has to say before adding their input.


Letting others speak first is key to driving success within your team. It creates an environment for your employees to grow confident, become comfortable in sharing their ideas and raise bigger ideas in the future.

Ask Employees

Simple and effective, this leadership technique is all about asking your employees what they need to be successful. In a few questions, leaders can understand the needs of their team and provide them with the relevant tools and resources to achieve success. Whether it is helping with personal development or completing a team project, leaders can ensure they work effectively.


Added benefits when exercising this technique include building strong relationships with employees and reducing extra work and time needed to complete tasks in the workplace.

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In Conclusion…

Following these leadership techniques will demonstrate your contribution to the success of your high-performing teams and help your organisation reach its goals as well.


I highly recommend trying these leadership techniques to find out how successful your teams can perform.


Every success,

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