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Hidden Treasures and Risk Taking...

Did anyone watch The Billion Dollar Wreck Hunters last night on Channel 5? What a fantastic programme.

Odyssey have just one more month of summer weather before they will be forced to shut down operations for the year. Aboard the Seabed Worker, a deepwater recovery vessel, Andrew Craig and his team work furiously to salvage a fortune in silver from the SS Gairsoppa. They think there may be up to 200 tonnes of bullion stashed in her holds.

After amazing work they found it and recovered somewhere in the region of £120 Million in Silver. A fantastic job when you balance that with the £85,000 a day operating costs. Risk takers or what!!!

What caught me was when one of the crew wonders how much hidden treasure is still out there in our oceans!! It awakened my curiosity!

It made me think about my role of awakening possibility in leaders, the risk they have to take to change, and the volume of untapped potential there must be out there in our oceans of leaders.

I wonder what true potential and worth is out there just waiting to be tapped into, if we are prepared to take the risk!


Learning from Tragedy...how much do you keep testing?

I had an interesting conversation over the weekend and learnt about a terrible story. Not a great way to start your Monday morning but some fantastic learning!! A family were out sailing in the sea when they were hit by a strong storm which destroyed the rigging of their boat, killed the electrics (so no radio), and destroyed the engine. They were left just drifting around at the mercy of the tides and currents. Tragically they all died of dehydration.

The sad part and the the point of my message is that they were found drifting in an area where a fresh water river enters the sea, so plenty of fresh water for them to drink. By the way the picture is not the picture of the actual boat - these guys survived!

It got me thinking....someone on the boat made a decision not to drink salt water - the right choice, but they didn't keep testing. I wonder how many times we do this in business... that will never work, or we tried that and it failed, or killing ideas in isolation without testing in different ways or combining.

Perhaps we should test a bit more. Just a thought....

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