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How to Get a Leadership Six Pack

In my book Leadership Laid Bare! The naked truth of GREAT leadership I talk about the importance of the energy a leader transmits. Getting into a set of leadership routines and rituals that focus on putting energy back into you is crucial, and a good start point is to become a more resilient leader.

Some of the most important leadership qualities are resilience and vitality; and these two go hand in hand. Keeping strong and healthy as a leader in today's tough world is vital. But, what can you do to become more resilient and get your leadership six pack? Being connected to your purpose, having the correct diet for you and regular exercise are the cornerstones of vitality.

To take your vitality to a higher level, follow these tips:

1. Get outside and enjoy natures gym! Have walking meetings outside. Spend time outside...wherever you are. Spend time outside being mindful. Learn how to meditate.

2. Build relationships and cultivate your tribe. A lack of close relationships has been shown to weaken our immune systems. Join mastermind groups and create a group of people who love and support you.

3. Learn something everyday. Learning improves motivation and self worth. Reflect on your successes and build from a place of strength.

4. Learn to breath properly to reduce stress. Many people go through life never learning how to breath properly... don't be one of them.

5. Learn to love yourself and do what you say you are going to do. Integrity, self respect and trust are important ingredients to your vitality.

6. Plug your "energy leaks". Remove negative people and situations from your life and ensure you sleep well.

Have fun, live a meaningful life, and watch your energy increase.

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Graham Wilson

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