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Key Leadership Skill: Collaborative Problem Solving

As leaders we often find ourselves talking to teams who are struggling to work at such a fast pace and still find time to work together and utlilise the strengths of everyone in the team. It's at times like these that we realise the value of Team Collaboration Tools. In particular we've been using the Radiant Problem Solving Tool to help teams and groups of people reach effective solutions fast.

Collaboration is vitally important for organisations wanting to succeed but it doesn't come without challenges. How can you consult everyone, be open and inclusive, explore all avenues and agree on solid solutions, all in a short space of time - perhaps during a 45 minute meeting?

Next time you find yourself in this or a similar situation we recommend trying the Radiant Problem Solving Tool. One of the best things about it is its simplicity:

Radiant Problem Solving Tool

This tool works well as part of a large session/workshop with several teams or just as well with a small group during a meeting. Working as large as possible on the wall helps with clarity and makes sure that everyone feels a part of the process.

Top Tips

If you're facilitating this process it's important to remember:
Except for stage 4, this is a fast and dynamic process, it is important to follow the rules of brainstorming during stages 2 and 3
At each stage encourage people to follow the process, allocating roles will help with this
Remind people to change pen colour for each stage - use a bold colour such as black or blue for the solutions

Enjoy it!

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