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Leadership in Crisis

Let's talk about another example of old world leadership failing in today's world... As reported in Retail Week, the former Tesco chief executive Sir Terry Leahy has said there was a “failure of leadership” under his successor Phil Clarke. Leahy spoke about Tesco's travails to the BBC’s Panorama programme, to be broadcast tonight.

He also said the grocer had allowed consumer trust to be “eroded” in recent years. “I think that some of that trust has been eroded, which has meant that people have shopped around.”

Leahy said of Clarke: “People tried very hard to do the right thing, it clearly has not worked. “In the end that’s a failure of leadership, not a failure of the business, not a failure of the people who work hard every day in the business.

“When you’re the CEO, if it goes well, you get credit, if it doesn’t go well, you must take responsibility and Phil Clarke has taken that responsibility and paid the price with his job.” He added: “I think the culture did change under Phil Clarke and not for the better.

Many organisations are failing due to poor leadership and leadership problems. We need to take a stand and start a LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION.

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