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Leadership is All About Energy!

I live in the most beautiful part of the UK, in a village called Burwardsley, near Chester. We have the most amazing views from our farmhouse and training venue. The energy there is electric. It makes you want to dance, run, exercise, think, reflect, change the world…

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You can see from the picture taken from my back garden recently the energy it gives. I show this not to boast but to share with you the beauty of the area and the sense of energy. When I’m here I feel totally energised.

I was in a very hot Milan a while ago running a leadership programme, it was exhausting! If you’ve ever been to Milan in August you’ll know what I mean. I felt completely wiped out and tired. I couldn’t think and just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I think I went into survival mode. I’ve been to Milan before during the spring and autumn and loved it. So was shocked at how the climate had made so much difference. It reminded me of my military days in the Middle East where everything was a struggle. It was either really hot or really cold and everything was covered in sand!

I often get the same exhausted feeling when I visit organisations. Some though really energise me and put a smile on my face whilst some just suck out all my energy. It made me think about why some are great and some aren't.

Why are some organisations energy givers and some just suck all the life out of you?

It has been said that leaders set the tone of the organisation, I truly believe that. They need to know how to create a high performance environment where success is inevitable. They need to awaken possibility in people to deliver extraordinary results, they need to be bold, create clarity and operate with simplicity and pace. They need to give meaning…

Why is it that so many leaders suck the life out of their organisations? It's simple really ... they over manage because of fear. Well that's my view... what's yours?

Have a look at my book Leadership Laid Bare to find out what great leaders are doing to create a really positive culture that drives sustainable success. It is available at www.grahamwilson.com

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Graham Wilson

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