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Making Your Meetings ROCK!

Congratulations on realising the importance as a leader to running productive meetings. So much that you have the desire to ensure they are planned, prepared and conducted in a way that ensures the best possible outcomes – that they ROCK!

• Have you ever been sat in a meeting wondering why you are there?
• Have you been facilitating a meeting where people don’t have the confidence to say what they’re thinking – where trust is too low?
• Do you attend meetings that don’t create enough energy to solve problems?
• Have you had to nudge someone awake during a meeting (or been nudged)?
• Have you ever wondered why people go away from the meeting and do something completely different to what you thought should happen or nothing happens at all?
• Does the real meeting happen in the car park or around the coffee machine?

Imagine meetings where…

• You know exactly the purpose of what the meeting is about
• You know how it links to what is important and a priority in your business
• You know what value you add or value you receive
• You are excited about being there
• The process has been well thought through so thinking and action happen effortlessly
• Challenge, confrontation and rigour is high, and it is welcomed, exciting and energising
• You know exactly what happens after the meeting and why
• There is “one voice” after the meeting

• Aligned action happens and is reviewed after the meeting to learn and continuously improve

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About the author

Graham Wilson

Graham Wilson

I enjoy and specialise in teaching leadership skills, how to create winning strategies, how to build high performance cultures. Outcomes and results are the most important measures for me!