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My 7 basic principles for work

A while ago I set myself the goal of creating a set of principles for my working life - a mantra of how I want to operate. There is no right or wrong to this, and you will no doubt have your own. These have helped me and hopefully they will give you some ideas too.

1. Be focused – develop a sense of purpose or mission that you are very passionate about and be true to it.

2. Be confident in your own skills, experience and expertise (if you have little – get more).

3. Understand your self-limiting beliefs and comfort zones – challenge them and push yourself outside them regularly. Be honest with yourself and who you really are.

4. Work to a plan. Be committed to each element of your plan including the self-discipline about identifying and delivering the detail (even the bits you don’t like) – daily, weekly and monthly, but always keep in the back of your mind that no plans survives contact with the enemy (things happen – roll with it).

5. Build on your strengths and follow an action plan that capitalises on them.

6. Work hard but don’t forget to play – increase your knowledge, be willing to learn from others and from your mistakes. Talk like you know but listen like you don’t. Be creative and innovative – if things are not working try another way. Always ensure you have Life-Work balance.

7. Take ownership for achieving the outcomes you want. Do not expect others to do it for you. Above all be RESILIENT, be PERSISTENT and TAKE ACTION.



About the author

Dave Dayman

Dave Dayman

I'm passionate about leadership. I believe that thinking is not only the most powerful tool that we own but is also the one thing we have total control over. Sometimes we just need a little help to change the way we in which we choose to think!