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Real Leaders Communicate to Inspire Action

I find it really interesting how airports have been designed, almost opposite to create a great customer experience! I'm just on my way to Milan from Manchester Airport and have gone through the new security baggage scanning system. All brand new equipment, but still long waits! There was a guy on his phone in front of me who got severely told off by a security lady! At the end of which she pointed to a small sign on the wall that said no mobile phones to be used here! I hadn't noticed it either.

It got me thinking, I wonder if they explained why we shouldn't use our phones people might take more notice and follow the instruction rather that just being told what not to do. Then I wondered how many mangers in business do the same, giving instruction without explaining why. Not a great way to inspire action!

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So I have a suggestion. An easy way to improve our communication is to start including why in our messages....because people will now understand and more likely to make the right choice of behaviour. You can't force people to behave in a certain way, they have to want to. Starting with why can help!

Happy communicating...


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