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Become a Resilient Leader

The Health of Your People is a Top Leadership Priority

A recently published report by Bupa indicates that UK workers take an average of nine days' sick leave each year, more than four times as many as other Western European countries. This costs UK employers about £29 billion a year in lost productivity. Reasons range from commonplace illnesses like colds and flu to chronic musculoskeletal problems, while mental health conditions are the single most widespread cause of long-term absence.

Employee Health in the Workplace

As leaders we need to address this and start to make the health and wellness of our people a top priority. In Leadership Laid Bare I talk about the importance of vitality and how to achieve it personally. This simple model helps to ensure the key components in place.

Improving Employee Health in the Workplace

What is your health and wellness strategy? How are you educating your people about the importance of health, vitality, fitness, and agility?  How are you supporting them... you know it makes commercial sense and more importantly it is a correct thing to do!

Every success,

Graham Wilson

Leadership Wizard, founder of Successfactory and author of Leadership Laid Bare!