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The Importance of a Leadership Framework

In today's crazy world, how do we as leaders give clear direction? How do we educate our leaders to behave and take action in the most effective way? How do we implement an evolving strategy? How do we ensure we have the right leadership capability in place?

In my book The NEW Leadership Manifesto I share the 10 leadership disciplines that I believe work best in today's digital world. It was created from developing over 70,000 of the world's best leaders and by being trusted for over 25 years to develop the leaders of many global organisations in all sectors. The aim of the book is to give clarity about what works now and well into the future.

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I've found that many leaders are struggling to understand how they should lead now. We were educated for a world that doesn't exist anymore. I've heard it said that MBAs have a new meaning - Maybe Best Avoided! Why, because they teach what worked in the past not what will work in a world that is moving so fast it has created such ambiguity and confusion.

Outdated ways of planning strategy in a linear way just aren't working any more. We need more agility and leaders who can craft solutions based on the context they are in. We, as leaders, are now fixing problems where we don't know the answers. Sometimes we don't even know the problem never mind the solution! It means we need more collaboration and more empowerment to get others to work together to fix things.

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We need to break down the overmanaged and underled culture and create organisations that are:

  • In control AND remain agile
  • Focused on short AND long term
  • Centralised AND decentralised
  • Local AND global
  • Delivering AND changing
  • Reducing costs AND adding more value to customers
  • Giving direction AND enabling empowerment
  • Doing AND thinking

The list goes on... but I hope you get my point.

If you want to learn more about how to lead and build winning teams in today's world you can find out about our next 2 day workshop here www.thesuccessfactory.co.uk/leadershipathlete

Imagine this scenario: You've identified your customers and value propositions, crafted a new business model and you've created a compelling vision and set of values with a clear strategy. You've identified the short, mid and long term programmes and projects and now you are ready implement. How do you know your leaders are capable of executing what you need and at pace?

I've always said that empowerment is one of the most misunderstood concepts in management speak. Empowerment needs clear and strong direction, it needs people who are confident enough to operate with autonomy, have the right skills, knowledge and mindsets with the right leadership support to enable sustained success. Without these elements it's abandonment and a strategy of hope!

One of the best ways to give direction is to create a compelling strategy, communicate it with meaning and ensure you are absolutely clear what leaders should be doing day in day out. Just like the need for a one page strategy, you need a one page leadership framework.

Now, this isn't an HR led, 9 box, overly complicated competency framework that no one really understands, remembers or has time to use... except HR! It's a one page guide that enables leaders to think and deliver in a way that works for them AND the organisation.

So what are the benefits of having a leadership framework?

Once you've crafted your framework that is aligned to your vision, values and strategy we have found organisations get many benefits including:

  • Efficient and effective strategy execution
  • A common language and leadership practices across the organisation
  • Clarity of actions at all levels
  • Team working improved
  • A culture built on strengths and 'playing to position'
  • Consistent expectations for all managers at all levels - including the Board
  • Consistency that creates a high trust environment, so speed of delivery increases and costs go down
  • Enhanced succession planning, better retention and improved engagement
  • More authenticity and a common set of leadership tools being used to craft powerful solutions

So how do you create a leadership framework?

We've crafted a number of frameworks and have one generic version that links to The NEW Leadership Manifesto and Leadership Laid Bare! It is levelled at Individuals, Team Leaders, Leaders of Leaders and Senior Leaders; giving clarity around the 10 Leadership Disciplines in the New Leadership Manifesto.

We also develop bespoke frameworks with our specialist partners Quantum Performance Development. We work with you to create the leadership framework and then craft a powerful leadership development journey that upskills your leaders at every level to awaken possibility in people to deliver extraordinary results.

Let me know if you want to learn more and create your very own leadership framework.

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