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The Power Of Play: Authenticity From Childhood

Have you ever watched children play? It's quite incredible to watch! The amazing intricacies of the story lines they create, the diversity of the characters and the boundless energy and lack of regard for boundaries or parameters. What children are very good at (in my opinion) is being able to fully immerse themselves in the scenarios that they create - they become part of the story.


The interesting thing for me is that the children also create sets of values and a culture(s) within their story (generally they don't use that language - they just do it). They then act out their play/scenario and live within their created values (and usually enjoy themselves at the same time).

My point (and question is), when do we stop doing that? It is the norm when children play for them to create a storyline (ambition, strategy, vision, goal), they create social and cultural norms around their story (values, rules, principles), and then actually live these values whilst having fun! Not only that, when a child stops playing (usually because an adult has told them to), in their head they are still in character and generally continue to behave in that way. Thinking back to my own childhood (which was far too long ago) - when I was called in for an evening meal after playing out in the woods all day, I was still Robin Hood.

Wouldn't it be great if in business we did this (some people and organisations do of course but not many). Let's go back to childhood and be authentic again. Remind ourselves of the power of PLAY and create an amazing story (vision) for your business that is exciting. Put in place values and principles that mean something and that you are actually going to live by and please, don't forget the FUN part.

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Dave Dayman

Dave Dayman

I'm passionate about leadership. I believe that thinking is not only the most powerful tool that we own but is also the one thing we have total control over. Sometimes we just need a little help to change the way we in which we choose to think!