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What’s the Difference Between a Great Leader and a Bad Leader?

I love adventure and travel, which is just as well since I travel a great deal for business. This means I get to meet many great leaders, some good leaders, and some not so good leaders! The travelling also gives me time to reflect and think.

Back when Nicola Huelin and I were travelling home from London after the joint book launch of The New Leadership Manifesto and The Invisible Revolution, it gave me time to think about what makes a great leader and what makes a bad leader. It made me think about what I'd written in The New Leadership Manifesto and the 10 dysfunctions of leadership. 

Learning how to be a great leader can be as simple as learning how not to be a bad leader.

This is what a bad leader does: 

How to Be a Bad Leader


This is what a great leader does:

How to Be a Great Leader

Which one are you? Hopefully a GREAT leader?

If you are intrigued and want to delve deeper in your understanding and find out how you stack up against great leaders, join us at our Leadership Athlete Masterclass. We'll uncover the secrets to success, learning from people who have achieved winning results in the past.


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