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Make your leadership skills sweat by testing yourself with our Project Leader Workout and find out how you fare when it comes to being a great leader.

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Even the best leaders have areas to improve upon – the problem is knowing what these are! Our free workout challenges you to answer questions designed to identity your strengths and areas for improvement.


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How Effective Your Leadership Really is

Score yourself out of 50 for leadership priorities such as authenticity, teamwork, innovation, and education, and truly discover how effective you are as a leader.

Project Skill Areas You Need to Focus on

Develop stop, start, continue action plans for key projects skills that ensures you don’t just become an ‘email responder’ and instead lead from the front.

The Benefits Our Workout Can Have For Your Team

Don’t be the only one to put your leadership through its paces. Our workout is a great resource to share among your entire team so you can develop a culture of exceptional leadership.

Challenge Yourself to Become a Better Leader Today

If you want to inspire great leadership in your business, you need to lead the way be challenging your own practices. To this end, we’ve created a free Project Leader Workout so you can evaluate how great a leader you really are.

As a leader, you’ll spend much of your time identifying strengths and weaknesses within your team, so you can come up with a strategy for making the most of your employees talents, while also helping them to develop.

This professional growth is a vital aspect of any high-performance team, but when was the last time you turned that spotlight on yourself?

If it’s been a while, our workout will help you identify your own opportunities for improvement and the strategy you need to achieve excellence.

Download now and become a better leader today.


Graham Wilson

Leadership Wizard & Founder of SuccessFactory

The Story of Successfactory

In the last few decades, the business world has been transformed by the introduction of new digital technologies.

Sadly, leadership approaches have not kept pace with this rate of change, and as such, many business are now failing to achieve their potential.

Successfactory was founded by “leadership wizard”, Graham Wilson, with a single mission in mind: to release this untapped potential and drive performance by changing the way organisations are being led.

Using decades of experience in business and the military, Graham has developed a proven toolkit of leadership techniques that help businesses across the world create a high-performance environment where success is inevitable.

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Graham and I have worked on a number joint ventures - I am so confident about his abilities that I would happily recommend him to help improve project performance. He has honest values and an open mind. He is passionate about making a difference and adding value to the customer. Meet him once and you will know that he is right for you. Good original and creative solutions.

Eddie Borup, Lead Consultant at ibp Solutions Limited

Graham provides great insight into project and team performance. He has the ability to guide teams through difficult conversations that lead to improved performance.

Paul Bishop, VP Technology at Integration and Divestment at Equinix EMEA

Graham is the best teacher I've come across to develop Project Leadership skills. He takes what can be a complex situation and make it so simple to understand. ChangePro is a really powerful and cost effective way to dramatically increase organisation capability to deliver change quickly and remain competitive. The online training and resources are amazing. I recommend you grab it before your competitors do!

Mark Bannister, Merchandising and L&D Manager at Crown Paints


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