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The 10 Vital Questions Every Leader Must Answer in Our Digital Age

The 10 Vital Questions Every Leader Must Answer in Our Digital Age

Written by Graham Wilson | Jan 29, 2018 11:01:08 AM

I'm a big fan of leading through questions. In today's world of ambiguity and adapting to digital ways of working, it's a great way to ensure people are thinking and crafting solutions, rather than just doing what they have always done. The right questions are often the answers!

When I think about Digital Transformation, I believe it is really about leaders and organisations adapting ways of working to grab the amazing opportunities digital brings for us and our customers. It's a leadership challenge rather than a technology challenge. Transformational leadership development is crucial.

When developing leaders to change their mindsets I build awareness and desire to change by challenging them with a series of questions. They then need to the go and work out how to answer them and implement them in their day-to-day routines. They work out what leadership is for them and develop their way of doing it. We then provide the tools and techniques for each of the areas highlighted to ensure they achieve extraordinary results. 

Transform Your Leadership

 Achieving Leadership Success in the Digital Age

Wondering what the leadership questions are?

  1. How do you create a high performance environment where success is inevitable?
  2. How do you awaken possibility in people to deliver extraordinary results?
  3. How do you operate with boldness, simplicity and speed?
  4. How do strive to be 100% authentic?
  5. How do you inspire action?
  6. How do you create and build high performing teams quickly?
  7. How do you unleash innovation in all that you do?
  8. How do you manage ambiguity and risk?
  9. How do you educate and develop people to be the best they can be?
  10. How do you deliver at pace?

Once you find the answers to these and craft a new way of working that becomes a natural style for you, you'll achieve even greater success.

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